Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Yule day 2942 T. A.: Happy new year at Beorn's

On a late depiction at the Carrock, Beorn was postumously
represented both in man- and in bear-shape
On this night, in 2942 T.A., there was a great feast and merrymaking to celebrate the Yule days and the coming of a new year without the peril of the dragon, Smaug.

Beorn's hall was as far west as Gandalf and Bilbo could get in this season of the year, having to wait until the passes of the Misty Mountains would be free of snow and ice again. Bilbo Baggins has preferred to stay silent about his voyage along the northern edge of Mirkwood, probably drawing even within sight of Mount Gundabad, and he did not dare to give a description. Beorn fortunately was hospitable enough to bear his guests for such a prolonged stay, and not only that: Bilbo records that his formerly isolated dwelling was visited by the Woodmen, and there was quite a party going on - reasonable enough, since they themselves were now relieved of the pressing threat of Dol Guldur further south, whose significance Bilbo failed to consider until many years later.

Gandalf may have done his part to emphasise Beorn's contribution to the Battle of Five Armies, so that he was held in awe by the Woodmen and they accepted him as leader and future founding father of the Beornings.