Global maps of Middle-earth from the First to the Third Age, created for the omnibus volume of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians". 

The Silmarillion map is fitted to the LotR map at the same scale. Turquoise river courses and the shorelines south of the isle of Balar are conjectural, though along the Bay of Belfalas supported by evidence given in HoMe XII. For simplicity's sake, the transition from Arda Flat to Arda Round has been ignored, as has the alleged extension of forests in the First Age of the sun.
There is some doubt to whether the Ice-Bay of Forochel really existed in the Second Age.

Note that the map of Númenor as published in UT gives a wrong impression: the surface of Númenor is actually as large as Beleriand! The full-colour topographic maps allow for better comparison.

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The First Age

The Second Age

The Third Age

A comparison of sizes: The distance from
Menegroth to Belegost is the same as
that from Hobbiton to the Ford of Bruinen

The northern extension of the Third Age map,
showing Cape Forochel and the far north.

A map of Europe overlaid on Middle-earth,
adjusted according to the recovered Baynes map

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