Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages relaunched

Hi there!

Changing our provider has required a new online address of Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages and, taking the chance, a major overhaul of its layout. As you may know by now, a couple of the larger and more significant essays on the history, astronomy and linguistics of Middle-earth have been collected in book volumes on behalf of collectors who prefer to have everything on their bookshelves that relates to J.R.R. Tolkien and the world of Middle-earth. The rest will stay here and subsequently expanded again.

Note, please, that the "Tolkien on Audio" section, known from the old Science Pages, is gone. With an entire new generation of musicians inspired by Tolkien's works especially in the Hard Rock & Metal scene I feel incapable of keeping trace and, therefore, I could not do adequate justice to many of those dedicated artists.

Another highlight is the publication of the full-colour extended edition of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians" that has previously been published in two b/w volumes. Some readers have with good reason commented on the quality of the maps printed in those books, which is owed to the fact that CreateSpace generally reduces b/w print to 300 dpi. With them, colour print has a much better quality that, in my eyes, justifies the higher price if all pages are produced in colour. Hence, I revised not only the maps but the entire layout of "Barbarians" and I added a section discussing elements on the recently discovered draft that Pauline Baynes had used to compile her full-colour LotR map of 1969.

I have approved of the review today and the full-colour edition of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians" is now available in print here: Middle-earth seen by the barbarians, full-colour extended edition, March 2016 .

For readers with a smaller budget, a b/w extended edition of the same book will follow within the next few days.

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