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Middle-earth seen by the barbarians available in b/w or full colour!

Both extended editions of "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians" - full colour or b/w - are now available for purchase. They include the updated content of both original volumes that originally derived from essays published on Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages:

I - The Indigenous Peoples of Eriador and Gondor
Compiling the fragments on the culture and history of the pre-Númenóreans of Middle-earth from many different sources written by JRRT, with a special focus on the Dunlendings.

II - The Lossoth and the Forodwaith
The peoples in the far north about which very little is known. This chapter is accordingly short.

III - The Lost History of the Men of Darkness
Compiling culture and history of the various tribes and nations of Easterlings and Southrons, from Wainriders to Variags. This is quite the longest chapter.

IV - The Third Realm in Exile
A special chapter devoted to the Black Númenóreans and the history of Umbar, that other Realm in Exile besides Arnor and Gondor.

V - The mysterious King Bladorthin
About the one king who fits into no genealogy of the kingdoms of Middle-earth and the probable history of his kingdom

Two Appendices discuss the etymology of the name Bladorthin and the arithmetical approach to superimposing a grid of latitudes and longitudes on the LotR map.
A third Appendix, not previously published, discusses certain elements of the recently discovered draft that Pauline Baynes referred to in her 1969 map of Middle-earth and what they additionally reveal about the barbarians of Middle-earth.

The luxurious full-colour edition is available from here:…/…/ref=sr_1_4…

 For readers with a smaller purse, a less expensive b/w edition is available, too:…/…/ref=sr_1_5…

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