Freitag, 18. März 2022

My first hardcover print - (WOW!!!)


For the first time, I have tried to apply KDP's new hardcover offer. And I am most impressed! The omnibus edition of my four volumes "Middle-earth seen by the barbarians", "Words of Westernesse", "Dynasties of Middle-earth" and "The Moon in 'The Hobbit'" looks most professional, the colour images are crisp, the paper feels noble - "like from the bookshop", my daughter said, admiringly! True, the printing costs for 500+ full-colour pages are rather high, close to 70 € in total, but just to see this result was worth the investment!
(Of course, for low-budget readers I have also produced a b/w pocket book for half the price; but it's not quite an eye-bulger as the hardcover!)

I think I should do other books in hardcover as well, notably the image-laden volumes on minor worlds of the solar system.

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  1. Dear Mr. Möhn,

    with much pleasure I have been reading part XIV of your tome ("The indigenous peoples of Eriador and Gondor").

    Nonetheless there is one detail that puzzles me. The map on page 280 (Fig. 82) shows that the woodland of Eryn Vorn was occupied by the Drúedain. This information is repeated on page 286 (Fig. 85).

    I am simply not able to find any sentence in your text that explicitly supports this depiction.

    Furthermore, on page 288 you have written that the pre-Numenoreans fled to the Eryn Vorn, but not to the Cape of Andrast, because the latter was already occupied by Drúedain.

    Should this not mean that the Eryn Vorn was rather not populated with Drúedain because otherwise the pre-Numenoreans could not have fled there?

    Kind regards