Freitag, 28. April 2017

Friday, 28 April: The All-welcome inn

Emil Doepler, 1876: Dwarf-smith
On this day, in 2941 T. A., Thorin's Company with Gandalf and Bilbo lodged in the All-welcome Inn at the junction of the Great East Road and the Greenway.

This event is not mentioned in "The Hobbit" but found in a timetable that Tolkien compiled in 1960 for a revision that was soon abandoned. The timetable, published by John D. Rateliff in "The History of the Hobbit, p. 816 et seq., is incompatible with the published "Hobbit" in its latter part but agrees with Karen Fonstad's reconstruction of the travel route in its earlier parts and therefore is included here.

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