Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Sunday, 9 October 2941 T.A.: Towards the River Running

Near the mouth of the River Running, looking north
(Thomas Cole: Schroon Lake, 1830s)
On this day, in 2941 T. A., the three boats were approaching the place where the River Running widened into the Long Lake.

On this occasion, a minor ambivalence in the text might be noted. Tolkien recorded that "in two days going they rowed right up the Long Lake and passed out into the River Running". Karen Fonstad - who also assumed 8 October as the day of departure from Esgaroth - marked the camp of 9 October right at the place where the River Running widens to create the Long Lake. But Tolkien's statement may also be interpreted to mean that it took two days to actually reach the rive.In that case the first camp should be assumed at the western shore of the Long Lake.   

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