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Tuesday, 25 October 2941, T. A.: Forth marched the king

Forth marched the king
(Excerpt from "Oberon & Titania"
by Arthur Rackham)
On this day, in 2941 T. A. - the third of the new dwarvish year -, Bilbo and the Dwarves finally found the courage to investigate Smaug's lair and found it deserted. Bilbo located the Arkenstone in Smaug's hoard and pocketed it before any of the Dwarves noticed. The Company left Erebor via the main entrance, trodded down the River Running past Dale and, near sunset, made their new camp in the guardroom on the south spur. The following night was reportedly cold, and many birds were on the move in the south.

At the Long Lake, the survivors of Lake Town were desperately hoping for humanitarian aid by the Wood-elves. There was no report yet from the messengers Bard had sent out the day before, and none was to be expected under the given circumstances. While Thranduil, being well informed, had already mustered a host of spearmen and bowmen and was leading them down the Forest River to claim his share of Smaug's hoard.    

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